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Know the feeling?

You know what it’s like in Port Vila.  We all love living here for so many great reasons, but some things are… well… let’s just say there’s room for improvement.

Do you have time for this? Really?

The equation is simple:
Wasted time waiting in line = missed opportunities.
How much is your time worth?

Enough already!

C’mon… you KNOW you don’t have time for this!

Our trained professional StandIns will submit your paperwork

Drop your paperwork into our downtown Vila location, or we can pick up from you and deliver the results.

What is “StandIn”?

Simply put, we stand in lines on your behalf.Government office, bank, utility company, wherever in Port Vila you are frustrated by long queues.  

You save all the the time and aggravation.  Like a stand-in in the movie business, we do all the work, you get to relax and be the star.  🙂  

But we do more.  We come to your location in Port Vila, collect your paperwork, take it to the office for lodgement, stand in line, submit your paperwork, and then take the results back to you.  And if the paperwork is with us before 10 a.m. we will deliver the results before 4 p.m.

Where in Port Vila can you use a Standin?

Consider these possibilities…

Customs and Internal Revenue

Sometimes it feels like you live there…
Relax! we’ve got it covered.


Immigration Department

Department of Immigration & Passport Services: Lots of reasons to use StandIn


Whether it’s ANZ, BRED, BSP, NBV, or even the Reserve Bank – any kind of lodgement you need done.  We are there for you


We are your “Live Wire” for waiting at UNELCO


We will communicate with you about your StandIn job at TVL


Likewise when waiting at Digicel, we are communicating for you and with you

Finance Department

We like this assignment – it can be a long wait on your behalf, but they have aircon!  🙂

Customs Clearance Agents

You just want your stuff, right? Let us do the standing in line for you

Airline Offices

We do your waiting for you, you just do the travelling and enjoy

Post Office

Collection or delivery or payment, you just don’t have time for this. We do!

Public Works

We put the “Vroom” back into your day.

Your Favourite "Hate Wait"

Life’s too short!  If it’s in Vila and it takes time to wait in line, use StandIn

You can trust StandIn with your paperwork

Why trust StandIn with your precious paperwork?

It’s obvious to us that processing your paperwork for you demands of us a very high level of trustworthiness.

Be assured that EVERY ONE of those who work at StandIn have been thoroughly vetted and trained to ensure the highest standards of honesty, confidentiality, and diligence, are maintained at all times.  Our professionalism rests on the proven history of our staff following rigorous and extensive testing of their integrity.

Freddy Tamah

Freddy Tamah


Freddy Tamah, our manager, has more than 20 years experience working extensively in areas where confidentiality is paramount… like Customer Service at institutions like Bred Bank, UNELCO, ANZ.  He understands the absolute necessity of running a tight ship and making sure your StandIn jobs are processed efficiently

Besides, his experience and understanding of paperwork processing ensures the high standard we aim for is met.  Now and going forward.

If you have questions, feel free to call Freddy personally on his mobile: 555 0050

Where will we go?

Our service covers Port Vila Town.  Below you see the boundaries within which we will both pick up and deliver in order to process your paperwork.

Yes, we will pick up and deliver outside these boundaries.  Please call our office on 22411 for a special quotation.

Will we go further?

Yes, we will collect and/or deliver on Efate outside the Vila area, but there will be a surcharge.

What about another island?

Sure.  Scan and email your docs to [email protected] and we will print, stand in line and submit, then scan and email your results back to you.  We will honour the same-day terms, but you need to get it to us before 9 a.m.  And there is a surcharge, depending on how many items are involved.

Please phone (+678) 22411 for a quote.

What are your Hours of Operation?

7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday

Excludes public holidays

What if I am in another country?

Please see the answer to the question about other islands.  Same answer.  Email anytime, but if you phone us, please note the time in Vanuatu. (UTC +1100)

I live out of town but I don’t have time to stand in line myself. Can I drop off to you before work and pick up after?

Yes – our office is presently at the Lotus Day Spa

That’s opposite the Catholic Cathedral.

Drop off before 10 a.m. and the job will be done before 4 p.m.

Phone 22411

Order by phone or use the form below

The form below is for a standard 2000 vatu job. To pay a different amount, please use the "Quoted Job" form or call 22411.

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